Nuovo Testamento – The Searcher

Official music video for the Synthwave song 'The Searcher' per­formed by 'Nuovo Testamento' taken from the album 'New Earth'.


Each time I see the way you’re falling
Each time is the same as before
You say it’s bet­ter than the last time, again
So many heart­breaks left in store

You come on hands and knees, you’re crawlin’
You say that I’m the one you need
I think you think that this dif­fer­ent, honey
You know that this is the real
You know that this is the real thing

Because I don’t wanna see you
And I don’t wanna be just anybody
I don’t wanna see you
And I don’t wanna be…

When I look in your eyes,
It’s clear you are searching
But I don’t think for me

I fell for you for an hour
I saw the sweet look in your eyes
But you’re look­ing for any warm heart, lover
I want someone look­ing for mine

Because I, when I look in your eyes
I know you are search­ing for some­thing sweet
It could be anything
It could be me

I don’t wanna see you
And I don’t wanna be just any­body else
I won’t be any­body else

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