Paradox Obscur – Wild Silk

Official music video 'Wild Silk' per­formed by 'Paradox Obscur' taken from the album 'Morphogenesis'. Directed & Filmed by Pavel Vishnevsky. This song is part of our Spotify playl­ist ‘New Synth Pop Songs 2022‘. The playl­ist is updated con­tinu­ously. Follow this playl­ist now and don’t miss any of the latest synth pop hits in 2022.

Listen to 'Paradox Obscur – Wild Silk' on Bandcamp

Lyrics of 'Paradox Obscur – Wild Silk'

You run scared, has no sense
In your head, you'll need to tend
Another chase leaves your trace
Gave your soul, light is blurred
I've been split, (to) feel your beat
It's a soothe, underneath

Every time you drive to the end
Anytime you try to attend
Shake the ground, swirl the bliss
Keep in mind, go within

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