Parallels – I.R.L

Parallels   IRL

Official music video ‘I.R.L’ by ‘Parallels’ taken from the album ‘Metropolis’. Directed & Produced by Jack Chapman. Words, Music & Production by Holly Dodson. After hitting #1 on Canada’s National Electronic Chart in October 2015, Toronto electro-pop trio PARALLELS is back with their third album ‘Metropolis’. NME described front-woman, Holly Dodson’s vocals as “A young Madonna meet’s modern electro”.


Powerlines all running wild through me,
in the light of a digital dream,
couldn’t help how I felt so alone,
‘till I found your face on my phone.

It was midnight, my time,
we were wasted and online,
it’s how we play modern love,
it makes it hard to fuck it up.

If you, got close to me,
closer than through this screen,
standing eye to eye,
would it be true in real life?

Fell asleep in the light of our blue dream,
felt nice to hear you breathe,
in the end we press ESC,
but I wanted to stay.

It could mean so much,
cause nothing compares to the weight of blood,
the weight of your human touch.
Maybe I’m wrong to believe…
but, I see myself surrounded by your things.
[In real life ] Would it be true?
I could feel your touch, I could feel…
Would it be true?
I could feel your heart…
In real life…I could feel…heart…

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