Poesy – Multiply

Official music video for the dark wave song ‘Multiply’ performed by the Canadian band ‘Poesy’. Directed by Kate Harrison. The music video has a cool modern goth look through the depicted images of a witch ritual, fire circle and the usual village antagonists. Not revolutionary, but well staged footage.

The song is epic, dynamic and full of drama. If the song were a book, the suspense would be on the verge of bursting again and again. The beat is mid tempo and has the punch and pressure of a song like ‘Barrel Of A Gun’ (Depeche Mode) or ‘Army Of Me’ (Björk). Mystical and electronic, ‘Multiply’ is an interesting tip for several scene fans to listen to.

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Poesy about the song ‘Multiply’

I’m thrilled to send you the new single and video from Canadian goth pop artist POESY. Entitled ‘Multiply’ the haunting and thrilling song is about facing an all encompassing rage in the dead of pain. The track highlights eerie synths, a swell of syncopated bass lines and theatricality sinister string arrangements. POESY admits: “I swear I didn’t mean it to end like this, but you know what you did.” She may not have wanted to fight fire with fire, but sometimes, as she states, “rage is a pretty thing”. The medieval inspired empowering visuals center around the theme of embracing the power of divine feminity.