Poesy – Multiply

Official music video for the dark wave song 'Multiply' per­formed by the Canadian band 'Poesy'. Directed by Kate Harrison. The music video has a cool mod­ern goth look through the depic­ted images of a witch ritu­al, fire circle and the usu­al vil­lage ant­ag­on­ists. Not revolu­tion­ary, but well staged footage.

The song is epic, dynam­ic and full of drama. If the song were a book, the sus­pense would be on the verge of burst­ing again and again. The beat is mid tempo and has the punch and pres­sure of a song like 'Barrel Of A Gun' (Depeche Mode) or 'Army Of Me' (Björk). Mystical and elec­tron­ic, 'Multiply' is an inter­est­ing tip for sev­er­al scene fans to listen to.

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Poesy about the song 'Multiply'

I'm thrilled to send you the new single and video from Canadian goth pop artist POESY. Entitled 'Multiply' the haunt­ing and thrill­ing song is about facing an all encom­passing rage in the dead of pain. The track high­lights eer­ie synths, a swell of syn­co­pated bass lines and the­at­ric­al­ity sin­is­ter string arrange­ments. POESY admits: “I swear I didn’t mean it to end like this, but you know what you did.” She may not have wanted to fight fire with fire, but some­times, as she states, “rage is a pretty thing”. The medi­ev­al inspired empower­ing visu­als cen­ter around the theme of embra­cing the power of divine feminity.

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