Pretty Addicted – Dickhead

Official music video ‘Dickhead’ performed by ‘Pretty Addicted‘ taken from the album ‘Soul For Sale’.


Are you still hanging around like a chain on my neck,
like a hex, to be fucking spiteful?
Did you think I was dumb? Did you think I was weak?
I’m just too good to fight you.
And I can still carry on with a knife in my back,
but without me you’re a ghost, a black void.
I’ll never let anyone take the future I’ve laid.
You can have the past you destroyed.
And you’re always bringing me down like you want me as
sad and pathetic as you are, but it won’t do.
Did you call me a bitch? Did you think I was wrong?
I just don’t fucking like you!
Though you won’t get anymore, you really think you’ve got power
like I give a shit you exist.
You had your 15 minutes, little sniff of the line.
I hope the nothingness is worth it.

We’re not here for a long time
so I won’t waste any time on a fucking dickhead.
But we are here for a good time
so I want to love and to dance and I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

You were always playing around while I was breaking my back
for a motherfucker planning to skip town.
I was nothing to you so you are nothing to me,
You’re just a fucking ass, clown.
And while I’ll never regain all the days that were spent
on your bullshit, on a frivolous day.
I bet I’m queen of the world before you catch me again
and you’ll still be a mistake.

My life is better than yours
and you could never compare.
You think you’ve got my attention
but I don’t even care.
You make a sound, no one blinks,
and you’d kill to be sick.
I’m a boss
and my heels are bigger than your dick..