Pretty Addicted – Mother

Official music video 'Mother' per­formed by 'Pretty Addicted' taken from the album 'Soul For Sale'. Directed by Vicious Precious.


Tell me what do you see?
You quote the scrip­tures as easy as 1,2,3.
But what do YOU think?
You’ve got a mind of your own, I’m guessing.
You turn your back on logic.
Your little pray­ers will not help you out of this bind.
Only love will stop it.
You’re just so dis­con­nec­ted, emo­tion­less and blind.
Even Jesus sighs.
You’re so ignor­ant you can’t hear your children’s cries.
You say ‘Oh well’.
I say ‘Ridiculous.' Mother sucks cocks in hell.

Whatever will we do?
No mat­ter how we act up the only fuck up is you.
Are you offen­ded? Offence intended.
Look I’ve got two fin­gers for you.
And you’re a dumb bitch!
The world is chaos around you and your head’s in the clouds
You wanna save us?
How ‘bout you start with sin­cer­ity and blow me away now.

Take the speck out of your own eye and don’t touch ours. Is that how it goes?

Get the speck out of your own eye and don’t touch ours.
Get the fuckin speck out of your own eye and don’t touch ours!

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