Priest – Obey

Official music video 'Obey' by Darkwave band 'Priest' taken from the same titled EP 'Obey'. Director & Producer: Claudio Marino.


What is really hap­pen­ing to me?
In the fog I try to see
The frag­ments of a demon left in me
Is it fic­tion or reality?

It´s a lonely ride
Yeah it´s a lonely ride
To the oth­er side
The place they try to hide

Aren´t you tired of hid­ing from the sun?
Like a speed freak on the run
I got rid of all the hooks that´s left in me
Is it fic­tion or reality?

Riding in a fever, all I see
Repeating imagery
Bodies with no compatibility
Is it fic­tion or reality?

Release the strings
Of love and hatred
Embrace the rain
Now you´re in control

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