Puzzle – Kamikaze

The offi­cial music video 'Kamikaze' per­formed by 'Puzzle', from the EP 'Babylon', is about two people embra­cing the excite­ment and danger present in new encoun­ters, sur­ren­der­ing to an all-con­sum­ing exper­i­ence. Video dir­ec­ted by Ruslan Pelykh, Track pro­duced by Ade Fenton.


Blood red skies
The sun is dying
I am afraid

You fall through the fire
Raining chaos
I can't escape

Frozen I stand
I am locked in a trance
And I can't look away

The heart that you pierce
It is col­oured by fear
We both know our fate

Oh I refuse to run away
Won't run away
Oh I, I wanna feel the flames
Let me feel the flames
Kamikaze in a heartbeat
You can take me down
Kamikaze in a heartbeat
You'll take me down

The thought of your touch
Incinerates the doubts in the mind
If turn­ing to dust is what it takes
I'll pay the price

I'm not scared if it hurts
I am blessed by your curse
I'm ready to glow


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