Puzzle – Kamikaze

The official music video ‘Kamikaze’ performed by ‘Puzzle’, from the EP ‘Babylon’, is about two people embracing the excitement and danger present in new encounters, surrendering to an all-consuming experience. Video directed by Ruslan Pelykh, Track produced by Ade Fenton.


Blood red skies
The sun is dying
I am afraid

You fall through the fire
Raining chaos
I can’t escape

Frozen I stand
I am locked in a trance
And I can’t look away

The heart that you pierce
It is coloured by fear
We both know our fate

Oh I refuse to run away
Won’t run away
Oh I, I wanna feel the flames
Let me feel the flames
Kamikaze in a heartbeat
You can take me down
Kamikaze in a heartbeat
You’ll take me down

The thought of your touch
Incinerates the doubts in the mind
If turning to dust is what it takes
I’ll pay the price

I’m not scared if it hurts
I am blessed by your curse
I’m ready to glow



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