Rain Diary – Berlin

Rain Diary - Berlin

Official music video ‘Berlin’ performed by Darkwave band ‘Rain Diary’ taken from the album ‘Black Weddings‘. Directing + 2nd Camera & Editing – Zabek Ismael.


desire was freed today
we live artificial life
of nothingness

in another dead party
pipe dreams are coming down
you hear the call

I’m not who you want me to be
but I strive for a change
as all love fades

take me to Berlin
a thousand ways to say
“it’s over, let’s not stay”
take me to Berlin

take me to Berlin
before we disappear
waiting for a miracle
take me to Berlin

under the neon lights
the hope will be kept alive
for another while

it’s so hard to let go
we fear the first light, the dawn

we are not the ones who believe
in things that we see
we are the face
hiding till the sun goes down again