Raizer – Dawn

Raizer‘s official music video for “Dawn’ taken from the full-length debut album ‘We Are The Future’.


Tonight, so bright
I divide myself into black and white
I try to survive
Thoughts inside my mind turn up overdrive
I can’t wait until it’s late
I have to find my fate
Life should be great
I see how it must be
My soul is free it just dawned on me

I can reach a billion stars
It’s in my heart
And I’ll never count my years and hours
It’s time to start
I’m not the same that was before
It opened my mind
I’m not sleep walking anymore
i leave doubt behind

I’ll go, against the flow
To know who is friend and who is foe
Will I find, those who are not blind
All doubts and fears we left behind
We all break through heaven’s wall
We were born to fly and not to crawl
We are right, it’s time to reunite
In everlasting shining light

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