Robotiko Rejekto – Love Machine

Robotiko Rejekto - Love Machine

Official music video ‘Love Machine’ by ‘Robotiko Rejekto’. Ralf Henrich aka RaHen (Axodry, Moskva TV and ROBOTIKO REJEKTO) has released the new ROBOTIKO REJEKTO track “LOVE MACHINE””, a collaboration with Katja von Kassel. The Diva returns with smoky promises. RaHen is both composer and producer: as well as testing his creative mettle in different music styles, he has worked as a artist / producer / composer for numerous Zoth Ommog, New Beat, tone´bient and TDI releases.

LOVE MACHINE: A red silk dress, red lips and a heart that burns like fire. Deep whisper in a Weimar twist. Glamour, danger and a world-weary yearning intertwine in a hypnothic electro drama.