Scheuber – Human

Official music video 'Human' per­formed by 'Scheuber' (Project Pitchfork) taken from the album 'The Me I See'. Director/Editor/Producer – Chris Ruiz.


Words so sen­ti­ment­al, ornamental,
Words run through my vein.
You still crawl­ing deeper
deep­er in, again…

Well it's you again, it's you again,
it's you again, insane;
Words just kill you once,
and noth­ing will remain.


Words so sen­ti­ment­al, ornamental;
Words always the same.

You still crawl­ing deeper,
I'm not ashamed…

Now it's you again, it's you again,
it's you can't take the blame.
Words just kill you once,
a soul without a pain.

Humankind/Human mind –
pre­cious god still walk the line.
Humankind/Human mind –
take the blame to entertain.
Nevermind, Humankind
fade away, wast­ing your time.
Human God/Humankind
sleep in silence, always mine.

Words so sen­ti­ment­al, ornamental,
words drive me insane.
Still, I feel the need to blame you
once again.

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