Seelennacht – Cursed

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Lyrics of 'Seelennacht – Cursed'

Is there someone to hold you?
Is there someone who feels the way you do?
Is there someone who calls you?
Is there someone to go through this time with you?

And you want to defy the rain
Dividing dark­ness from the light
You want to defy the pain
Dividing the truth from the cruel lies

Forever we are cursed
Forever we're doomed
Forever on the road to hell we move

So cursed are the days
And cursed are the nights
The curse is a part of all these times

And you want to untie your fate
Dividing future from the past
You want to align the way
Dividing what's gone from what will last

Cursed times forevermore
Shattered down to the core

Oh, oh my God we're lost
Oh my God we're lost
We're dan­cing in the rain to save us

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