Seelennacht – Life Is For Rent

Seelennacht   Life Is For Rent

Official music video ‘Life Is For Rent’ by ‘Seelennacht‘. Video: Produced by Silizium Films.


You cannot stem the tide
Savour your life that you are given
Savour all days, savour all nights
Cause any flower will be fading
You cannot stem the tide

Every single day has 24 hours
Every single life has limited days
Every single time can shine in all colours
So we should decide what we wanna be

I remind myself to focus on what is right
Standing in this life where I just belong to me
I am me, I am free

Just keep in mind that this life is for rent
One second until life can be going to end
One second in time is running so fast
Every day could be your last

Life is for rent
And when my time ends
I keep on finding you
I keep on finding you

Every single end can bring you a new age
Every single time has something to give
Every single sunshine could dry the rain ways
This is why I love to live

And we are searching, we are faring
As long we live we keep on caring
We all will descend
Cause life is for rent