Seelennacht – Lovely Sins

Seelennacht   Lovely Sins

Official music video ‘Lovely Sins’ by ‘Seelennacht‘ taken from the new album ‘Lebenslinien’. Camera: Marcy McFly and Silizium Films, Edit and Post Production: Silizium Films.


Love can be violent
Love can be pure
Love is the key
We’re dancing on the shore

I wanna feel
I wanna touch
I wanna make it out
I want you, I want you to say it loud

You’re my baby
My love, love, baby, my love
From your touch I can never get enough
I feel this sensuality
Oh baby

Lovely sins
Our bodies burning in the wind
The sexual life, sexual times
The sexual, modern moment is fine
You are mine

The lovely sin
Our bodies burning in the wind
The passion within sexual sins
A sexual society always wins lovely sins

I love the way how you’re moving
I like this evening you are soothing
Your sweet kiss, it flatters me so much
And I love your dirty touch
The touch…
Can’t get enough…