Seelennacht – Lovely Sins

Official music video 'Lovely Sins' by 'Seelennacht' taken from the new album 'Lebenslinien'. Camera: Marcy McFly and Silizium Films, Edit and Post Production: Silizium Films.


Love can be violent
Love can be pure
Love is the key
We’re dan­cing on the shore

I wanna feel
I wanna touch
I wanna make it out
I want you, I want you to say it loud

You’re my baby
My love, love, baby, my love
From your touch I can nev­er get enough
I feel this sensuality
Oh baby

Lovely sins
Our bod­ies burn­ing in the wind
The sexu­al life, sexu­al times
The sexu­al, mod­ern moment is fine
You are mine

The lovely sin
Our bod­ies burn­ing in the wind
The pas­sion with­in sexu­al sins
A sexu­al soci­ety always wins lovely sins

I love the way how you’re moving
I like this even­ing you are soothing
Your sweet kiss, it flat­ters me so much
And I love your dirty touch
The touch…
Can’t get enough…

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