Shadows And Mirrors – Video Girl

Shadows And Mirrors - Video Girl

Official music video ‘Video Girl’ performed by ‘Shadows And Mirrors‘.

New York City, 1977
Smoke filled street corners and ragged bars, pimps and pushers, a smell that won’t go away. His nighttime sky is filled with dreams that died. It’s then that he sees her. Half human, half android. Half woman and half machine. Peering into his television she vanishes as quickly as she appeared. The air around him has become thick and humid, like the lie of a politician’s smile, it masks the reality of his desperation. The air in the streets is heavy, the exhaust of too many taxis and Marlboros linger for days. A stray dog feverishly barks from the alley. He tries but can’t block it out. Another headache. Another victim. Time for bed, but he can’t sleep. He can never sleep. Then one night he is startled by the sound of metal on metal and a gritty static TV flickers as he enters the room. Slowly pacing towards the set, he sees her neon metal helmet. It seemed to be glowing in a way, inviting him. Reaching his arm inside the television he pulls hard, and finally she is there. She is real. Video Girl.


You’re a video girl
Tuned to black and white
Spin that record
Till the past survives
Eyes turn away
Put your lips to mine
Yeah we dance like this
Till the end of time

I am your video girl
I am your video
I am your video
I am your video girl

You’re my video girl
Turn me on tonight
Just press play
So the past survives
Lights turned down
But your lips don’t lie
Can we dance like this
TiIll the end of time?

I am your video girl
I am your video