Stella Wembley – Loving The Alien (David Bowie Cover)

Official music video 'Loving The Alien (David Bowie Cover)' per­formed by 'Stella Wembley'.

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Lyrics of 'Loving The Alien' (Originally by David Bowie)

Watching them come and go
The Templars and the Saracens
They′re trav­el­ing the holy land
Opening telegrams

Torture comes and tor­ture goes
Knights who'd give you anything
They bear the cross of Coeur de Leon
Salvation for the mir­ror blind

But if you pray, all your sins are hooked upon the sky
Pray and the hea­then lie will disappear
Prayers they hide, the sad­dest view
(Believing the strangest things, lov­ing the alien)

And your pray­ers they break the sky in two
(Believing the strangest things, lov­ing the alien)
You pray ′til the break of dawn
(Believing the strangest things, lov­ing the alien)
And you'll believe you're lov­ing the alien
(Believing the strangest things, lov­ing the alien)

Thinking of a dif­fer­ent time
Palestine, a mod­ern problem
Bounty and your wealth in land
Terror in a best laid plan

Watching them come and go
Tomorrows and the yesterdays
Christians and the unbelievers
Hanging by the cross and nail

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