Telekon – Never Be Afraid

Telekon - Never Be Afraid (Cover artwork)Official music video for the synth pop / dark wave song 'Never Be Afraid' per­formed by Spanish band 'Telekon'. Video Directed by José Antonio Muñoz-Torrero.

The cur­rent song 'Never Be Afraid' is a dark and sad song with a lot of atmo­sphere. Telekon says the fol­low­ing about the song: "A song ded­ic­ated to those who find it hard to sleep at night.".

Caution when using head­phones: In the music video there is a loud, unbear­able alarm clock ringing at the begin­ning and end. This is really cruel! The song, how­ever, is great!

Listen to 'Telekon – Never Be Afraid' on Bandcamp

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