The Brides Of The Black Room – Watch Me Burn

Official music video 'Watch Me Burn' per­formed by 'The Brides Of The Black Room' taken from the album 'Blood And Fire'.

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Lyrics of 'The Brides Of The Black Room – Watch Me Burn'

Looking like a car crash, pile of dirt
Never real­ized how this could hurt
Still I wanna be inside the fire
Gonna hit the bot­tom and then climb higher

Scratches on my arms, like river beds
(My) secrets pour­ing out all thick and red
If you stay beside me you won’t be safe
My anger’s com­ing up like a grow­ing wave

Run into the dark­ness, my eyes closed
Feeling like I’m numb, I move so slow
Wanna let it wash all over me
Getting pushed down to my hands and knees

I light the fire
And watch it burn
I light the fire
No return

I put it to an end, I make a start
Breaking all the his­tory apart
I sac­ri­fice myself, I give my all
And bring you down with me when I fall

I light the fire
Now watch me burn
I light the fire
No return

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