The Mystic Underground – Athletes

Official music video ‘Athletes’ performed by ‘The Mystic Underground‘.


well true love is blooming
in the lot by the bay
so we’re here now
we’re peering
through all the steamed windshields
it always starts the same
hand up the blouse
she’s nervous
the glory, the conquest
if he can convince her
he’ll be there
he’ll love her
he’ll wave when she greets him

under the clearest moon
she said that he should wait but
she was outvoted two to one
he’ll show you heaven soon
what would your mother say

the talk of the town
and the boys’ bathroom walls
but he promised
she’s worried
a nagging sense lingers
the stories spun in the gym
they circulate through the school
and now we’re scarred for life

the girls against the boys
the newest contact sport
and the battleground is your school
some people do it for sport
while others do it alone


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