The Mystic Underground – Peter

Official music video for the synth pop song 'Peter' per­formed by 'The Mystic Underground'.

Lyrics of 'The Mystic Underground – Peter'

Lazy sunday afternoon
Those decisions we're to make
They can wait till dawn
Just anoth­er lonely day
To drink this sin away
Another hazy day
To push the shame away

So wrap your hand 'round the glass
And tell me how
I won't grow old
Won't go home
Won't run in place
We have all night and the next
Come rest your head
Right on my chest
Stay forever
Dare with me
Please stay with me

Tell me all your hopes and fears
Spare me sor­row and the tears
And apologies

I'm not here to win or lose
I'm des­per­ate to survive
A world so harsh and cold

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