The Silverblack – Martyr

Official music video 'Martyr' per­formed by 'The Silverblack' taken from the new album 'Rain On A Wedding Day'. Directed and edited by Ivan King.


Silence suf­foc­ates your raven­ous words
Facing the reflec­tion of someone you used to know
Cracks in the mir­ror and bruises on skin
Nothing's left inside, but a cold and bit­ter creep

Push the morn­ing light away from you
And resur­rect with­in your emptiness
There's a world out­side but it's not for you
You're the mar­tyr of your own hell

Hate needs no reas­on it just rages and burns
Feeling so much bet­ter but soon you will be gone
A sad and broken tool, that no one will recall
Clench your fist, crank a smile and punch until you die

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