Third Realm Feat. Chiasm – Tides Of The Sea

Third Realm Feat. Chiasm - Tides Of The Sea

Official music video ‘Tides Of The Sea’ performed by ‘Third Realm Feat. Chiasm’ taken from the album ‘The Art Of Despair’.


Without the sound, I cannot breathe, can’t sleep till you believe me, unrestricted, you’re still awake, feel you here, senses come forever now, sing to me, please hear my heart, I’ve been there, listening from the start, I’m shaking, didn’t think we’d cry, I’m breaking, we never said goodbye

I’ll make you happy like, the tides of the sea, I’m keeping up the fight, like tides of the sea

You’re seeing through, my every trace, safe for love, it’s one or the other now, so make it real, let’s bring it true, heart on fire, just like you told me to, I’m dancing, feet in the air, connected, more than we were ever aware, I’m burning, just to know you’re found, no speaking, it’s how we are forever now.