Third Realm Feat. Chiasm – Tides Of The Sea

Official music video 'Tides Of The Sea' per­formed by 'Third Realm Feat. Chiasm' taken from the album 'The Art Of Despair'.


Without the sound, I can­not breathe, can't sleep till you believe me, unres­tric­ted, you're still awake, feel you here, senses come forever now, sing to me, please hear my heart, I've been there, listen­ing from the start, I'm shak­ing, didn't think we'd cry, I'm break­ing, we nev­er said goodbye

I'll make you happy like, the tides of the sea, I'm keep­ing up the fight, like tides of the sea

You're see­ing through, my every trace, safe for love, it's one or the oth­er now, so make it real, let's bring it true, heart on fire, just like you told me to, I'm dan­cing, feet in the air, con­nec­ted, more than we were ever aware, I'm burn­ing, just to know you're found, no speak­ing, it's how we are forever now.

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