Third Realm – When The Sun Goes Down

Official music video ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ performed by ‘Third Realm‘ taken from the album ‘The Art Of Despair’.


I mourn the memories of, brighter times of true love, if I grieve for you, I’ll sentence myself,
thoughts Deja vu, savage in the shadows, breathing becomes shallow, confounding every last hope, prompting me to walk the tightrope

I need you in my blood, an overwhelming passion flood, I need to feel you, let my sorrows drown, I need you in my arms, protect you from the fiend that harms, I want to see you when the sun goes down

Enshrined upon my altar, your image never falters, feel the touch of velvet, tearful trauma,
I can’t help it, mesmerized by your eyes, and you revitalize, come with me Valentine, carving a new perfect bloodline


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