Toal – Unreal World

Official music video 'Unreal World' per­formed by 'Toal' taken from the album 'Ritus Ex Silenti'.


The key of my way out
Is hid­den in an anoth­er world
I wake up in a cold and hate­ful place
And remember
The power that’s inside of me
The destruc­tion of evil comes
This is my way out

My mind can set me free
The angels tell my pray
To reach my own paradise
And tell me what you see
The battle for freedom
Of lost soul
Is only a sweet dream
In an unreal world

My real life is torture
Agonized by dark the darkest beings
In my dreams I rule them
There is no way from the pain
Only the flight to the oth­er side
To the oth­er side

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