Torul – Best Moments

Official music video 'Best Moments' per­formed by 'Torul'. Music video 'Best M0ments'' by Maj Valerij and Torul Torulsson.


I’ll help you refine your
Sweet sor­row inside you
Today I’ll design you
Tomorrow define you

Oasis of secrets and
Mazes of bleakness
Confusion, desires,
Unstoppable fire


I come from the dark side
I meet you at midnights
I’m smooth­er than angels
And kinder than strangers

And I will be your guide
In case you need one
And I will be quiet
In case you need none


I’ll help you embrace all
The dangers in side view
Today I shall twist you
Tomorrow unwind you

The nightly processions
And daily regressions
Illusions of criers
And pain of deniers


I’ll help you relive your
Best moments in your lifetime
Before you regret some
Before you for­get some

Your rivers of secrets and
Guilt trips in weakness
Confusion, desires,
Unstoppable fire


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