Vanguard – Ragnarök

Official music video 'Ragnarök' per­formed by 'Vanguard' taken from the album 'Spectrum'.


We've poisoned the well
From which we live
We've turned this para­dise into sin
We try to hide from the fact
That we can nev­er turn back

When we crumble
We are fall­ing bey­ond control
There's no sal­va­tion, no second chance
Accellerated con­tam­in­a­tion out of control
There's no sal­va­tion Ragnarök

The clock is tick­ing but we don't care
The alarm is sound­ing but noone hears
And noone cares
We're dig­ging our own grave and it's get­ting deep
Twisting and turn­ing how can we sleep
How can we sleep

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