X‑Marks The Pedwalk – Fading Waves

Official music video 'Fading Waves' per­formed by 'X‑Marks The Pedwalk' taken from the album 'Superstition'.

Lyrics of 'X‑Marks The Pedwalk – Fading Waves'

In my mind I feel a fire rain
And my heartbeat's raging loud and wild
In my dreams a para­dise – again
Won’t wake up and stay there for a while

Hope and faith are bur­ied, ghosts in chains
All my gods have turned away, no time
There is no pray and I don't loose a game
I would like to safe a life – mine

Can‘t mov­ing on

Seasons drowned in flood of tears
Sorrow on a broken shore

I just want to walk through fad­ing waves
And past the ocean‘s haze
Change these dying days
I just want to walk through fad­ing waves

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