Zachery Allan Starkey – Fear City (Feat. Bernard Sumner)

Official music video 'Fear City (Feat. Bernard Sumner)' by 'Zachery Allan Starkey' taken from the same titled album 'Fear City'.


Hope a mirage
Like desert rain
Lost in a blizzard
Of cocaine
That’s my nightmare
That’s my dream
Barely living
Thriving on the chaos in between

I live by night
Never see the morn­ing light
On the crest of ecstasy
New fear, and new pain
In the city
In the night

On your knees
Taste the whip
So sweet the sting
The sweat of your regret
The sting of your regret

In Fear City
No one sleeps
In Fear City
Pleasures run deep
In Fear City
Everyone bleeds
In Fear City
In Fear City

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