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Release: October 17th, 2017
Label: Black Pill Red Pill
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Ultra-brutal beats

'Angelspit' announced his 7th stu­dio album 'Black Dog Bite' in sum­mer 2017 and prom­ised lit­er­ally an acous­tic earth­quake. The Australian Electropunk artist, now based in Los Angeles, is well-known for his extraordin­ary way to cre­ate weird noise and ultra-bru­tal beats.

Zoog Von Rock says: "This album is bru­tal, sexy, and cyn­ic­al. The music is firmly based in the slam­ming sound of early 90s cyber­punk with shards of gritty, lo-fi, digit­ally tor­tured samples. Angelspit worked tire­lessly for months on the mixes, pol­ish­ing the details in the lay­ers of dis­tor­tion, seam­lessly mer­ging indus­tri­al elec­tro punk and slick pro­duc­tion: this is the band's most highly pro­duced album to date. Black Dog Bite is son­ic­ally dense, well defined, yet harsh and driven."

Three cats on the lap

First of all a short mes­sage to all 'Angelspit' die-hard fans: "You don't have to fear the new Angelspit out­put. It's truly awe­some and you get what the label on the album prom­ises. An album that con­tains 100% the DNA code of Angelspit's music".

Back in sum­mer 2017, when Zoog announced the new album 'Black Dog Bite' via his Kickstarter pro­mo­tion video I had tears in my eyes while laugh­ing. Producing an album with three cats is much more bru­tal than with only one cat. Makes sense, right? If you don't know what I'm talk­ing about then you need to watch the announce­ment video below.

Black Dog Bite! Really?

The open­er 'Satanic Aesthetic' is a cool track and not that bru­tal for the start, because we're all get­ting older, right? The tempo is set in the mid-tempo range and the vocals are clearly artic­u­lated. It has almost a kind of a relaxed atmo­sphere and it's per­fect to jump into the new album.

'Ugly Deeds' is the second song on 'Black Dog Bites' and the music gets a bit more aggress­ive at this point. Here you get a pure dance­able Industrial/Electropunk track that kicks your ass. I also love the usage of sampling the part "You are so pretty pretty pretty …" from the song 'Toxic Girl', which is my per­son­al all-time favour­ite from 'Angelspit'.

An Angelspit original

The vibes of the next track 'Sexy Tragic Muse' makes my body move imme­di­ately. Even if the song is packed with tons of cool, sexy and strange elec­tron­ic samples, the core is basic­ally a good old Angelspit mid-tempo Electropunk track. I guess this track will be loved by all Angelspit fans instantly.

With a small influ­ence of the Big Beats genre, the song 'Great Bank In The Sky' drops like a bomb. I love this track! The ongo­ing bass beats let me feel my feet beat­ing on the dance­floor. It has this typ­ic­al raw, stomp­ing beat for dan­cing for­ward and back­ward. EBM people know what I mean.

The black dog starts to growl

Zoog Von Rock of Angelspit - Promo Photo 2017
Zoog Von Rock of Angelspit
Promo Photo 2017

'Hidden Knife' sounds already a bit more dis­tor­ted and des­troyed. And lyr­ic­ally the black dog bites here for the first time. While the music gets more rough the vocals are sooth­ing son­ic­ally. This is indeed a very mar­vel­lous com­bin­a­tion. You will def­in­itely need to listen to it a few more rounds to get into it, but then it rocks like hell.

Less catchy but still great is the song 'Dead Man Talking'. The sounds and samples are arranged in a com­plex way. It is impossible to per­ceive all levels of this song in the first listen­ing attempts. 'Dead Man Talking' is a song that chal­lenges you and forces you to deal with it more intense.

The incubation period is over

Energy is gain­ing momentum. At least I have the feel­ing that this is so when listen­ing to 'Collapsing Venus'. Alternatively I am already in an intox­ic­at­ing con­di­tion by the music­al drug called 'Angelspit'. Whatever it is, it feels awesome!

With the first beats of 'I, Weapon' my blood starts to rush. This ultra dynam­ic sound with cold metal­lic samples, sounds as if it was made in a dis­tant future. An almost unreal and dysto­pi­an song struc­ture and feel­ing accom­pan­ies this song. A brave and def­in­itely unusu­al song, but 100% bears the sig­na­ture of 'Angelspit'.

This bite has infected me

It's true, the new album 'Black Dog Bite' by 'Angelspit' has infec­ted me. Sure, there are some typ­ic­al 'Angelspit' tracks on this new album. But noone expects that 'Angelspit' needs to rein­vent the wheel again. And it's not far as bru­tal as the announ­c­ment prom­ised us, but for me it works per­fect. Further I guess this is also the trib­ute that 'Angelspit' has to pay to their loy­al fans.

Maybe Zoog Von Rock will pub­lish a more bru­tal remix album with this tracks and call it 'Black Cat Bite' (Just an idea that came up spon­tani­ously). Anyway, if you like Industrial/Electropunk music in gen­er­al, then you need to buy the new 'Angelspit' album. We recom­mend this Industrial/Electropunk mas­ter­piece strongly to you.

Another hint for vinyl lov­ers: 'Black Dog Bite' is the first album 'Angelspit' has pro­duced on vinyl. Pressed on 150gram vinyl with heavy splattered black and white pat­tern. The LP comes with a poster, stick­ers and a zine.

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Angelspit - Black Dog Bite
Angelspit – Black Dog Bite
Satanic Aesthetic
Ugly Deeds
Sexy Tragic Muse
Great Bank In The Sky
Bang Bang Bang
Hidden Knife
Dead Man Talking
Post Truth Wonderland
Collapsing Venus
V Is For Voltage
I, Weapon
Scorpio Machine
Ugly Deeds
Great Bank In The Sky
Collapsing Venus
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