Depeche Mode – Sounds Of The Universe (+ Deluxe Box Bonus)


Like a time travel to the future

The twelfth studio album technically really sounds from another universe. Once again ‘Depeche Mode’ shows one of their greatest strengths. And this is to produce varied and contemporary songs.

It took a few attempts to overcome the initial excessive demands and then crystallize the concentration on the core of the songs. In recent years I have observed that the songs of ‘Depeche Mode’ becoming more multifaceted and complex. And if someone, such a charge is offered on new songs, then you must first digesting this musically.

The universe expands

The guys from Basildon can be really proud of their latest output. Started with the first single ‘Wrong‘ which is an awesome, raw and unusual song, and this one has the same impact on me when I listen to ‘Barrel Of A Gun’ the first time back in 1996.

Followed by the single ‘Peace‘ that is one of the most “minimal” songs as far as you can say so. It is an extremely emotive and soothing ballad.

For the first time in the history of ‘Depeche Mode’, they released two singles on one CD. But both songs have the same vibes of a classic ‘Depeche Mode’ pop song. I’m talking about the tracks ‘Hole To Feed‘ and ‘Fragile Tension‘. Absolutely recommend to listen.

The reason why the track ‘Ghost’ is declared as a ‘b-side’, and failed to be on the regular album, is far beyond my understanding. But overall I’m still extremely happy with this masterpiece. The rating belongs to the deluxe box of this release including the 5 bonus songs of the ‘bonus disc’.

Track By Track Rating

depeche mode sounds of the universe deluxe
Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe (+ Deluxe Box Bonus)
In Chains
Hole To Feed
Fragile Tension
Little Soul
In Sympathy
Come Back
Miles Away - The Truth Is
Light (Bonus Track)
The Sun and the Moon and the Star (Bonus Track)
Ghost (Bonus Track)
Esque (Bonus Track)
Oh Well (Bonus Track)
Ghost (Bonus Track)
Esque (Bonus Track)