Diorama – Zero Soldier Army


Epic melancholy

Finally the new Diorama album has arrived. Admittedly, I was a bit scep­tic­al. The pre­de­cessor 'Even The Devil Does Not Care' had not really con­vinced me back then. The more I'm pleased to report with what pleas­ure I have listened to the sounds and the pro­found lyrics.

The album was done (music, lyr­ics, per­formed, pro­duced and recor­ded) by Felix Marc (Frozen Plasma) and Torben Wendt (Diary Of Dreams). Together they are a dream team of gloom, broth­ers in sad­ness and a per­fect match for a won­der­ful record like 'Zero Soldier Army'.

Shaded, dynamic and cultivated songs

The whole album is covered in a dark and post-apo­ca­lyptic atmo­sphere. It's packed to the brim with strange elec­tron­ic indus­tri­al sounds that remind me of the last two 'Gary Numan' albums 'Dead Son Rising' and 'Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)'. Furthermore it bene­fits from an acous­tic paint­ing out of the the Electrorock corner à la 'Mesh'. This comes espe­cially to light in the song 'Defcon'.

The open­er, first single, and title-giv­ing song 'Zsa' (Zero Soldier Army) is an awe­some epic song that intro­duces the album per­fectly. The song starts quietly as a bal­lad, takes a (slightly too long) time to build up a per­fect sus­pense, but at 3:10 minutes the track explodes into a monu­ment­al and bom­bast­ic sound that crashes down onto you. I bow my head to this composition.

The second and longest (7:02 minutes) song 'Off' shows the same frame­work as the open­er. However, this one is even more power­ful and driv­ing than 'Zsa'. Some lyr­ics are spit out like a mil­it­ary drill, under­laid with hard elec­tron­ic beats. Your mind gets soothed again by the chor­us with a dreamy melody and a much softer voice. I simply love this song!

Gloomy peaks

Furthermore I strongly recom­mend you to listen to my per­son­al high­lights on this grand record: 'Beta' is a highly ener­get­ic song with a pulsing beat that has the poten­tial to become a club clas­sic. Be ready for the echo!

The song 'Polaroids' sounds like it´s been on my mind for dec­ades now. It feels famil­i­ar, but at the same time abso­lutely fresh. It's a clas­sic Synth Pop struc­ture filled with all kinds of new elec­tron­ic samples and some rough elec­tro gui­tars.

Last but not least in the recom­mend­a­tion list is the track 'Comfort Zone'. That one impressed me with a Big-Beat-Esque sound. It's weird and com­plic­ated to explain, but the Trumpet-bass-beats gets me immediately.

Finally convinced

All past 'Diorama' albums had some good songs, but I was nev­er con­vinced by a whole album. 'Zero Soldier Army' changed this on the spot. Overall I'm totally over­whelmed by this new piece of work and it will get a spe­cial place in my col­lec­tion, as well as I'm pretty sure it will end up high in the Electrozombies annu­al rank­ing 2016! Enough of bab­bling in romance. Buy now!

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2016‘. Read now.

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Diorama Zero Soldier Army
Diorama – Zero Soldier Army
Reality Show
Amnesia Club
Comfort Zone
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Comfort Zone
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