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Presence Of Mind Pure


Same same but different

Wow! Dark electro-heavy Synth Pop with an 80s and 90s vibe. ‘Presence Of Mind‘ is an Electropop band, that has been active on and off since the early 90´s. Unfortunately I never heard about this marvellous guys before. After the first listen, I’m ready to say that ‘Presence Of Mind’ sounds like the swedish version of ‘De/Vision‘.

Sounds familiar, but is unique

A lot of samples and electronic instruments reminds me on some familiar sounds of the the big bands of the Synth Pop scene like ‘Depeche Mode‘, ‘Camouflage‘, ‘Erasure‘, and so on. But don’t be afraid, ‘Presence Of Mind’ are definitely not a copycat or wannabe band. The tunes and melodies are brilliant unique. The song atmospheres are dark, strange and matchless too. In addition the distinctive and deep voice shapes the whole thing into something unique.

A pure surprise-album

The album starts with the awesome and catchy tune ‘It’s Too Quiet’, and set the path of what you can expect to listen. Very strong and impressive are the songs ‘Help Me Help You’ and ‘You Behave Sometimes’. Both tracks I rated with 5 stars that means big love to these ones. Further the track ‘Brittle Bones’, that was already released in autumn 2015, I strongly recommend you to listen as well.

Overall ‘Electrozombies’ strongly recommend you this album! This one must be a hot topic for anyone who never heard about the band ‘Presence Of Mind’ before just like me. Go and support this fabulous band that surprise us with this gorgeous album.

Track By Track Rating

Presence Of Mind Pure
Presence Of Mind - Pure
It's Too Quiet
What's In It For You
Help Me Help You
I Am Demon
You Behave Sometimes
Brittle Bones
Chasing Waterfalls
Welcome Home
Black Angel
Show Me
You Behave Sometimes
Brittle Bones
It's Too Quiet
I Am Demon
Vivid vibes

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