Sea Of Sin – Future Pulse

Sea Of Sin - Future Pulse

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Release: April 20th, 2018
Label: Self release
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Like a phoenix from the ashes

'Future Pulse' is actu­ally just a remastered/re-edited album of the 1995s debut album 'Watch Out!'‎ by 'Sea Of Sin'. Not to be mixed up with the Italian Synth Pop band 'seaof­sin'. I have to admit hon­estly that I do not know the album from 1995 and that's why 'Future Pulse' is a new album for me. I briefly talked to Klaus Schill and find out that this album is kind of a warm-up. If it starts well, we can even­tu­ally expect new mater­i­al in the future.

Some background info taken from the official press release

The German band 'Sea Of Sin' has been act­ive since the 1990s. First album 'Watch Out!' was pub­lished 1995 con­tain­ing 15 Synth Pop tracks such as 'Last Day In Paradise' and 'I Live My Life'. Follow up EP 'Illuminate' was pub­lished 1997 and pro­duced by Heiko Maile of 'Camouflage'.

Now they are back! Klaus aka Chevy Baccole, who has been pro­du­cing remixes for 'Camouflage' and 'The New Division' in the last 2 years, lately has been work­ing on ee-edits of the most suc­cess­ful tracks re-pro­du­cing them from scratch in his stu­dio in Hamburg. After first digit­al releases they decided to pub­lish a new CD 'Future Pulse' con­tain­ing 11 tracks, fea­tur­ing 10 re-edits and one new song 'Star'.

Though some of the songs show a totally new appear­ance the reworked ver­sions still con­tain the ini­tial strengths of 'Sea Of Sin' and the ori­gin­al tracks: atmo­spher­ic and melod­ic Electro Pop songs all shar­ing a mel­an­chol­ic touch. Yet the sound­scape is organ­ic and a logic­al devel­op­ment which trans­fers the Songs well in the year 2018.

Let's start the nostalgic ride

'I Live My Life' takes the pole pos­i­tion on the album 'Future Pulse'. If you hear the samples for the first time, then that is almost like a time travel into the 90s. A bleak tone tunes into the album and it imme­di­ately gives a feel­ing of nos­tal­gia and melancholy.

I lose myself in ordin­ary details. And I regret my rul­ing jealousy..
Lyrics from 'I Live My Life' by Sea Of Sin

With a ton­al famil­i­ar feel­ing it con­tin­ues with the track 'Truth'. More clas­sic, a Synth Pop song can barely be built. Included are sev­er­al levels of vocal tracks, clas­sic clap­ping hands samples and pro­found lyrics.

The third song 'Hold On To Your Dreams' reminds me of the pieces of the 'Nightfall' era by 'Beborn Beton'. Sonically, the song is a bit­ter­sweet mix of minor and some uplift­ing scales. The under­laid strings and piano blend per­fectly with the warmth and goose­bump mood in the sound.

Turning up the volume

With 'Deep Inside', the album finally takes a faster ride, which also bene­fits the vari­ety. Here, Synth Pop awaits you with a subtle Funk col­or­ing, which is real­ized by the gui­tars. Unusual and brave, but ter­rif­ic imple­men­ted. Moreover, the pace moves in the medi­um up-tempo range, which makes the piece extremely danceable.

Sea Of Sin - Promo photo
Sea Of Sin – Promo photo

Cool and groovy starts the track 'Ride The Sky'. Highly melod­ic and catchy, the piece lets you rock right from the start. Funny fact: The bridge, almost at the end of the song, reminds me vocally to the sing­er from 'Army Of Lovers'.

'Star' is the only really new song on 'Future Pulse'. Even if it fits per­fectly, you real­ize that it just sounds more mod­ern. Mainly this is cer­tainly due to the instru­ments, because of the clas­sic­al con­struc­tion 'Sea Of Sin' barely devi­ates. Personally, I think it's a pity that the song has been trimmed a bit too much for mass suit­ab­il­ity. I really hope that it will be dark­er and more elec­tron­ic when it comes to a pos­sibly new album.

There is always a good reason for a dystopian song

A pulsat­ing beat drives the eighth song 'Afterworld'. Playful sounds and almost naïve meta­phors make the song seem light and unin­hib­ited. Lyrically, the song is more con­cerned with the fear of an apo­ca­lyptic future. A dysto­pi­an theme that will prob­ably accom­pany us to the end of man­kind. <sar­casm> At least the Morlocks have a future. </sarcasm>

Now it's too late for any advice.
The mush­room clouds have coverd the skies.
Lyrics from 'Afterworld' by Sea Of Sin

'Beyond Sadness' bares its teeth from the first second, like a threat­en­ing anim­al that wants to rip your soul into pieces. With neces­sary ser­i­ous­ness and punchy speed, a lam­ent­able story builds up here. A really fant­ast­ic song that unfor­tu­nately does not leave much room for interpretation.

'Last Day In Paradise' is also a note­worthy piece. However, I would like to skip this and come straight to the final 'Strange Vibrations'. Until the end, the qual­ity of the tracks is loc­ated on an extremely high level. The last song on the album sur­prises again with a slight Electrorock drift. The drums are raw, and the gui­tar riffs used here and there make the track unique on the album.


It is a pity that I some­how missed the band 'Sea Of Sin' in the 90s. Whereby, without the inter­net, it was much harder to listen to smal­ler bands. The more I am glad now to have heard this new edi­tion. If you like the typ­ic­al Synth Pop sound of the '90s, then this album should find its way into your CD shelf as fast as possible.

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2018‘. Read now.

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Sea Of Sin - Future Pulse
Sea Of Sin – Future Pulse
I Live My Life
Hold On To Your Dreams
Closer To Sin
Deep Inside
Ride The Sky
Beyond Sadness
Last Day In Paradise
Strange Vibrations
I Live My Life
Deep Inside
Beyond Sadness
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