Ten After Dawn – Best Of Both Words

Ten After Dawn - Best Of Both Words

EP facts

Release: April 21st, 2017
Label: Macaroni Penguin Music
Genre: ,
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A Finnish blizzard comes

From out of the blue ‘Ten After Dawn‘ releases an awesome EP called ‘Best Of Both Words’. Skandinavian fans of ‘Solar Fake‘ already had the chance to see the band live as opening act. ‘Ten After Dawn’ began already in 2009 and despite some releases, the band remains rather local known. With ‘Best Of Both Worlds’, the trio has now laid the foundation to conquer the dark Synth Pop scene by storm.

The electronic storm in 4 acts

Melody: From the beginning, the club suspicious Hit ‘Melody‘ pulls the listener in the spell. The sound is really rich and full, but has a clear beat and a catchy melody. The voice of the singer ‘Teemu Salo’ is phenomenal and fits perfectly on the gloomy Synth Pop track.

Ten After Dawn - Press Picture 2017
Ten After Dawn
Press Picture 2017

Gone: More like a breeze, the melancholic song ‘Gone’ feels like. The tempo is here in the ballad area, but the track is quite intense and emotional. The main reason is that the samples and effects are used little, but very well staged. This creates a truly grievous and tragic atmosphere.

Scarlett: The beginning of the third number ‘Scarlett’ is somewhat reminiscent of Minimal Electro. But then it changes quickly to a genuine mid-tempo Synth Pop song. The beat definitely invites you to dance and the chorus stays in your ear for a long time. Especially the stuttering bridges are well done.

Tell Me: The last song is a dynamic and very atmospheric song that sounds very warm and analog despite the electronics. Subtle and almost inaudible here are gorgeous guitar sounds interwoven. The acoustic presence of the guitars is revealed only briefly during the bridge part. And here, too, the gentle voice of ‘Teemu Salo’ flatters the song in full grace.

Hysteria after the tempest

We are already excited of the upcoming long-player by ‘Ten After Dawn’. I guess so far that it will also reviewed by us. If you are a Synth Pop addict, then you should keep an eye on this band. We think something big is coming here. We strongly recommend to buy the EP ‘Best Of Both Words’.

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Ten After Dawn - Best Of Both Words
Ten After Dawn - Best Of Both Words
Tell Me
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