Aesthetic Perfection – Automaton

Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat. The Automaton car­ries on in its end­less loop. Never fail­ing. Never flinch­ing. Never feeling.

'Aesthetic Perfection' new single “Automaton” is about try­ing to reclaim one’s human­ity and iden­tity in a world that often demands they be sac­ri­ficed. A cold and mech­an­ic­al mid tempo club track that evolves into an explo­sion of gui­tars and ener­get­ic screams, “Automaton” is a cel­eb­ra­tion of the human con­di­tion. Once again, gui­tars have been provided by Swedish vir­tu­oso Sebastian Svalland (PAIN, Letters from the Colony, LINDEMANN) which breathe soul into an oth­er­wise life­less machine. Produced and mixed by none oth­er than Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly, Delerium, Conjure One, Fear Factory).


I’m auto­mat­ic,
I’m auto­mat­ic just like you,
Another panic,
Another rat inside an end­less loop,

I can’t breathe
Sword it swings,
Looms over me.

So I’m just gonna slide,
From under­neath the knife,
Away from all the lies,
So I’m just gonna slide.

Psychosomatic all along,
It’s an obsession,
It’s an obsession,
Foolish animals,

Pressure peaks,
Inside of me,
A war a beast,

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