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The band ‘Carved Souls’ are true sloggers. In only five years since their band foundation, they are presenting their fourth album called ‘Whispers‘. I always published their music videos on this website, but I never did an album review so far.

Personal comment on ‘Carved Souls’: “You must definitely improve your press and promotion work!” 😛 . When the press and promotion work would be as effective as the album production, then ‘Carved Souls’ would be already famous worldwide.

Pure electronic Darkwave

I didn’t had any initial difficulties to enter the album. It is extremely catchy, but also very independent. The tonic keynote is dark and melancholy, and reminds me especially in songs like ‘Worthless’ at ‘Solar Fake‘. The average beat is only minor lower than in ‘Solar Fake’ tracks, therefore the shading is slightly darker.

My favourites and recommendation with a 5-Star rating is the opener ‘Kill Me’, furthermore the tracks: ‘Whispers’, ‘Worthless’, and ‘Dark Reflection‘. Although the band now exists already 5 years, it feels to me as if I had discovered something entirely new. Is it wrong to say: “The best ‘Newcomer’ band of the Year.”? However, if you never heard about ‘Carved Souls’, then Electrozombies officially strongly recommend you to listen to ‘Whispers’. I love it!

Track By Track Rating

Carved Souls - Whispers
Kill Me
Vile Words
In A Blink
For Me
Dark Reflection
As Far As I Can
Kill Me
Dark Reflection
Brilliant dark

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