Goo Munday - Start A Fire
Official music video 'Start A Fire' is Goo Munday's new single from her upcoming album '9 Lives'. Music Video shot by Christian K. Reed. Read More
‘Syd.31’ release their first full length album ‘The Last Punks On Earth’ Analogue Trash presents it’s latest release It’s happened.... Read More
Big Time Kill - Anxiety
The new 'Big Time Kill' EP 'Anxiety' covers the span between stages of inner tension as well as a variety of genres - ready to get excited? Read More
SAT – Elektrisch Official music video ‘Elektrisch’ by the german Electropunk band ‘SAT’ formerly known as ‘She’s All That’.... Read More
Alles - Miasto Duchów
Music video 'Miasto Duchów' by 'Alles'. Animation by Krzysztof Ostrowski, created for 73rd anniversary of Litzmannstadt Ghetto liquidation. Read More
Official music video ‘Engaged And Confused’ by ‘Horskh‘ taken from the album ‘Gate‘. Video directed by Apollo77, Dance and Movments: Morgane... Read More