Cobra Wipeout – Streets of Fire (Feat. Dedderz)

Cobra Wipeout - Streets of Fire (Feat. Dedderz)'Streets of Fire' by the US Band 'Streets of Fire (Feat. Dedderz)' is a high-energy and moody track that will leave you feel­ing pumped up. The snappy beat and driv­ing melody will trans­port you back to the days of the clas­sic video game Turrican (Amiga 500), with its inspired techno soundtrack.

Cobra Wipeout describes his music as: "video punk from the grit and grime of gotham NYC", and this song is a prime example of that aes­thet­ic. The dark synth sounds and brood­ing energy are remin­is­cent of the dark­er side of the 80s, but with a mod­ern twist.

The bridge of 'Streets of Fire' is par­tic­u­larly note­worthy, as it intro­duces some nos­tal­gic 80s sounds and samples that are sure to sat­is­fy fans of syn­thwave and the like. The song's over­all energy is bal­anced by its moody and atmo­spher­ic ele­ments, mak­ing for a well-roun­ded and enga­ging listen­ing exper­i­ence. If you're a fan of syn­thwave, dark synth, or the clas­sic video game soundtracks of the 80s, then 'Streets of Fire' by Cobra Wipeout fea­tur­ing Dedderz is a must-listen.

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