Code 64 – The Shape

Code 64 - The ShapeWith "The Shape", "Code 64" dis­cov­ers the roots of clas­sic synth pop for their own sound, without leav­ing the path of music­al evol­u­tion. The Swedish band, known for their pro­found and mel­an­chol­ic sound­scapes, once again demon­strate their abil­ity to take the listen­er on an emo­tion­al jour­ney. This song is a spe­cial addi­tion to the elec­tron­ic music scene, espe­cially for fans of synth pop with a pen­chant for qual­ity and depth.

Even if I some­times weep for future pop gems like "Leaving Earth", I'm still happy about the con­stant devel­op­ment. And although I don't like every song from "Code 64", I really appre­ci­ate the band's con­sist­ent qual­ity. For me, the song "The Shape" is proof that when you enter new music­al ter­rit­ory, some­thing great can always come out of it. Thank you for this great song!

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