Color Theory – The Rot

Color Theory - The Rot'Color Theory', an elec­tro-pop band from the USA, presents us with a mood char­ac­ter­ised by sad­ness and mel­an­choly with their latest song 'The Rot'. In this shal­low elec­tro-pop song, the band packs a subtle mel­an­choly that trans­ports the listen­er into a pens­ive atmo­sphere. Although 'The Rot' is not a revolu­tion in music, it is an extremely well-pro­duced song that def­in­itely has the poten­tial to touch the audience's emotions.

With a gentle midtempo rhythm and catchy elec­tron­ic sounds, 'Color Theory' cre­ates a music­al back­drop that fits the mood of the song per­fectly. The mel­an­chol­ic atmo­sphere is enhanced by the clev­er com­bin­a­tion of warm syn­thes­izers, soft beats and a restrained vocal. You can lit­er­ally feel the sad nuances run­ning through the song.

However, 'The Rot' could do with a little more rough edges. Although the mel­an­chol­ic mood is well real­ised, the song per­haps lacks a cer­tain amount of sur­prise or exper­i­ment­a­tion. It would have been inter­est­ing if 'Color Theory' had been bolder with the music­al ele­ments to give the song an extra dimen­sion. Nevertheless, this is more of a per­son­al pref­er­ence and does not detract from the qual­ity of the song.

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Listen to 'Color Theory – The Rot' on Spotify

Listen to 'Color Theory – The Rot' on Spotify

Lyrics of 'Color Theory – The Rot'

When did it happen?
The circ­ling of crows
The love of a lifetime
Began to decompose

I wanted to touch you
Our fin­gers stained with rust
The chain that con­nects us
Corroding into dust

It’s like try­ing to hold onto
A moment or a thought
But it’s already over
We can’t deny the rot

The sting of rejection
I had to get away
Without exception
All things will decay

I suf­fer in silence
Knowing it won’t last
My memory eroding
Layers of the past

Do I still love you?
It’s hard for me to say
So I’ll cling to it lightly
Until it rots away

Color Theory about 'The Rot'

Happily ever after? There’s no such thing. “The Rot” is a haunt­ing explor­a­tion of love's inev­it­able decay and the fleet­ing nature of all things. This is one of my favor­ites from my upcom­ing 13th album. What oth­ers find depress­ing, I often find uplifting.

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