Cosmic Armchair – Bleed

Cosmic Armchair - BleedThe song 'Bleed' by the synth pop/dark wave duo 'Cosmic Armchair' from Singapore sur­prised me with its clas­sic, mel­an­chol­ic atmo­sphere. Soundwise with a lot of sad piano and strings and of course rain sounds in the back­ground. The open­ing is so clas­sic that it could be from L'âme Immortelle. This would also be the first ref­er­ence I give you.

Here's a little per­son­al note from me: I love Singapore! I've only been there once for a two weeks, but based on oth­er travel com­par­is­ons, Singapore is a really beau­ti­ful city/country. And I'm espe­cially happy when we get suit­able, gritty music from the non-stand­ard coun­tries, as this kind of music is not so pop­u­lar there. Thanks for that.

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Cosmic Armchair about 'Bleed'

'Bleed' is the latest goth­ic song from darkwave/synthpop duo Cosmic Armchair. Originally released with Germany's 'Gothic Magazine', this brood­ing song about death, judge­ment and retri­bu­tion is now avail­able on stream­ing ser­vices. Cosmic Armchair, which is based in Singapore, is the only Asian band signed to Belgian altern­at­ive elec­tron­ic music label Alfa Matrix.

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