Dark Saints – The Demon (Vocal Version)

Dark Saints - The Demon (Vocal Version)Listen to the synth wave / dark synth song 'The Demon (Vocal Version)' per­formed by the British band 'Dark Saints'. An indus­tri­al bass­line con­tinu­ously drives the song for­ward, remin­is­cent of a dark dysto­pi­an sci-fi. I m not that big a fan of syn­thwave myself, as most of the tracks are instru­ment­al and also very gen­er­ic. 'The Demon (Vocal Version)' from 'Dark Saints' is a not­able excep­tion and for me is on the same high level as 'Scandroid' for example. Give it a listen now.

Listen to 'Dark Saints – The Demon (Vocal Version)' on Spotify

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