Moral Hazard – Parted

Moral Hazard - Parted"Moral Hazard" from Sweden presents "Parted", an ambi­tious track in the synth pop genre. Clearly inspired by greats such as Depeche Mode, Camouflage and De/Vision, the song is char­ac­ter­ised by its crisp, elec­tron­ic sound. It imme­di­ately appeals to synth pop fans. The dark and mel­an­chol­ic mood draws the listen­er into an intro­spect­ive atmosphere.

The pro­duc­tion of "Parted" is out­stand­ing, but after almost 4 minutes of play­ing time, the track loses some of its focus. A short­er single edit would have increased its con­cise­ness. Nevertheless, the over­all effect remains impress­ive. Moral Hazard def­in­itely has the poten­tial to estab­lish itself in the synth pop scene. We can look for­ward to fur­ther releases from this prom­ising band.

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