enter.me – Boy

enter.me - BoyThe song 'Boy' by the Danish artist 'enter.me' is a synth pop song that takes up the nos­tal­gia of the 80s and trans­ports it into the mod­ern age. The track starts with a strong synth hook­line that reminds me of the clas­sic 'Love Is A Shield' by 'Camouflage', even though it sounds quite dif­fer­ent in real­ity. The catchy melody and the beat (with about 130 bpm) invite you to dance and let the listen­er dive into a world full of neon lights and disco balls.

The vocals are clear and present and give the song a touch of mel­an­choly. Further, the vocals of 'enter.me' fit seam­lessly into the sound and sup­port the emo­tion­al atmo­sphere of the song. Overall, 'Boy' is a great synth pop tune that per­fectly embod­ies the genre and will appeal to fans of bands like 'Camouflage' or 'Depeche Mode'.

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Lyrics of 'enter.me – Boy'

Little boy where are you now?
You played hide and seek and got lost there somehow

Travel fast going nowhere
Diving in too deep, it’s so cold and dark in there


Play along, singing the wrong tune
You keep fight­ing on, become an adult too soon

Doing right, con­ceal­ing your heart
Now you’ve gone too far and you’re fall­ing apart

When you’re look­ing for a reason
And you’re grasp­ing at the straw
You seem to fall into seclusion
With every breath you draw

Heading down the road to nowhere
Even when you’re in reverse
You feel you’re tum­bling down the spiral
In a nev­erend­ing curse


Grown up boy, happy today?
You’ve fit in so far, but you’re cast so far away

End the pain, remove it some way
Been on repeat, will you face your mir­rors some day?

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