Fresh In The Season – MM87

Fresh In The Season - MM87With a mod­ern mix of Dark Wave / Synthwave, the Norwegian band 'Fresh In The Season' presents their song 'MM87'. The song is taken from the debut EP 'Play Pretend'.

The song starts with a typ­ic­al 80s post punk bass line that cre­ates enough speed and pres­sure to make you sway. The vocals are nice and soft and sound a bit like Witch House because of the reverb effect. Due to the catchi­ness and the rather simple song struc­ture, you quickly get into the song and feel right at home.

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Fresh In The Season about 'MM87'

We are Fresh In The Season. An indie/al­tern­at­ive/­pop- band with roots in Stockholm and Oslo. "MM87" is the third and last single from our debut EP ”Play Pretend“ (out July 15, 2022), and it con­tains 7 mel­an­choly, catchy and dreamy songs. 

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