G.H.T – Salvation

G.H.T - Salvation

The rough indus­tri­al num­ber 'Salvation' per­formed by the Swedish band 'G.H.T' is a wild banger for the dance floor. The band itself draws com­par­is­ons to big names like 'Skinny Puppy', 'Front 242' or 'Suicide Commando'.

I can only say that the EBM factor of 'Front 242' is not reached here. Skinny Puppy and Suicide Commando are both not my area of expert­ise and I can't say any­thing about them. From my per­spect­ive, I would com­pare the sound best with 'Project Pitchfork'. Very indus­tri­al but still melod­ic enough for people who don't like to be shouted at in songs.

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