The Static Architect – Bitmask

The Static Architect - RESET.FORGETWe rarely fea­ture indus­tri­al or elec­tro rock tracks, as most of them tend to lean too heav­ily towards rock or are dom­in­ated by harsh gui­tar sounds. However, 'Bitmask' by US artist 'The Static Architect' is an industrial/electro eock song that deliv­ers a sol­id punch with its synth keys. It exhib­its a great deal of dynam­ism and incor­por­ates diverse sec­tions, mak­ing it more than just a bar­rage of loud noise. Comparisons to 'Nine Inch Nails' or even 'Gary Numan' are cer­tainly appropriate.

By the way, this track serves as the first release from the album 'RESET. FORGET'. I hope that it will include some less aggress­ive songs as well. However, if you have a pref­er­ence for intense industrial/electro rock sounds, then you should appre­ci­ate this song and keep an eye out for the album 'RESET. FORGET'.

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The Static Architect about 'Bitmask'

Written by emer­ging Southern California artist and glitch aes­thet­ic con­nois­seur Nick McLaren (The Static Architect) with addi­tion­al pro­duc­tion by Ade Fenton (known for his work pro­du­cing Gary Numan's mod­ern albums), Bitmask is an ener­get­ic song that's a bit more gui­tar heavy than the oth­er songs on the album, and also has per­haps the most positive/uplifting mes­sage of any song I've writ­ten to date, while still remain­ing appro­pri­ately dark and gritty. It was ori­gin­ally writ­ten for my daugh­ter to lift her spir­its, but ended up becom­ing so good that it HAD to be included on the 2nd full album entitled "RESET. FORGET"

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