Pineapple The Project – My Universe Full Of Stars

Retro-futuristic beats meet soft vocals

Pineapple The Project - My Universe Full Of StarsWith "My Universe Full Of Stars", Pineapple The Project takes listen­ers on an ener­get­ic jour­ney back to the era of glit­ter­ing syn­thpop land­scapes. This track, a high­light of their EP "Frequency", clev­erly com­bines the nos­tal­gic charm of the 80s with a fresh, pulsat­ing spir­it. The basis of the song is a punchy baseline that not only awakens the desire to dance, but also drives the whole song for­ward with a rap­id dynamic.

The con­trast between the power­ful beat and the soft, har­mo­ni­ous vocals is the most strik­ing fea­ture of this track. While the instru­ment­a­tion radi­ates an almost touch­able energy, the vocals cre­ate a dreamy atmo­sphere that trans­ports the listen­er to a world full of stars. Particularly note­worthy is the lov­ing repro­duc­tion of clas­sic synth sounds, which not only appeals to pur­ists of old elec­tron­ic music, but also builds a bridge to mod­ern sounds.

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