Hatif – A Small Scratch

Hatif - Everything Is Repetition'A Small Scratch' is anoth­er amaz­ing synth pop song with an ori­ent­al touch by 'Hatif' taken from the album 'Everything Is Repetition'.

The beat is bru­tal and snappy as hell as it sounds like it's from Depeche Mode's 'Ultra' era. On the oppos­ite, the vocals are soft, smooth and very calm­ing. A mix­ture that har­mon­ises per­fectly and cre­ates a mys­tic­al, bleak mood.

Together with the pre­vi­ously fea­tured songs 'Pool', 'Weight', 'Close To None', and 'Repetition', the album 'Everything Is Repetition' is an abso­lute buy recommendation.

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Hatif about 'A Small Scratch'

“A Small Scratch” is the open­ing track of the debut album Everything Is Repetition by Swedish elec­tron­ic duo Hatif. The song is dark, tense and heavy with lyr­ics about the vul­ner­ab­il­ity of life. Influenced by Bowie, Depeche Mode and Front 242 of the 80s and the more recent Editors. Close genres: syn­thpop, indie pop, post-punk, EBM, new wave and Middle Eastern influ­ences. Hatif has received crit­ic­al acclaim for songs revolving around our attempts to reach each oth­er, rebel­lion and resistance.

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